Update No10 (the last few days)

That was some journey! The last few days have been full of mixed emotions and feelings, full of highs and lows.  The lows were thinking we might miss Antigua due to the fact the North East wind was blowing us South.  So much so we were looking at potential beaches on islands to land.  This would have meant us getting the boat transported from whichever island we landed on.  Not good as our family were in Antigua also a bit expensive to ship it back.

The highs, well, a few days we had a break and played a pub quiz…. Blairs team won.  But the biggest high started last night.  We saw the lights of Antigua shining, a great feeling but also a bit scary.  We didn’t have to row much over the last 8 hours, the wind and waves took us in.  This morning we were in contact with Team Oarstruck via the VHF Radio having a chat about who’s going in first.  We had a gentlemens agreement that we would go in.  However, the conditions meant that changed and team Oarstruck would go in first. This must have caused the organisers a bit of a problem logistically with only one safety boat and only one camera.  But it was fun.

The night before we came in Blair spent a few hours making bunting to put on the boat, a bit of decoration looks good.  So we “dressed ship” and made our approach.  To be honest we were scared, both of missing the harbour and of meeting people.  It can affect you being away in the ocean like that.  Talking about it now we can recall other situations we were in but never reported, mainly because we forgot about them.  We can remember them now and will write them down, for example when Blair thought he could hear cows mooing.  As we entered English Harbour it was amazing, a bit tricky as the wind picked up and we had to row two up to get in.  We saw our sister in a boat as she was alongside us as we crossed the line, also Kris’s friend James. Great to see familiar faces at that point. 

Team Oarstruck waited for us and we approached our final stopping point together, we made some good friends there.  We have had a great time with those guys, whenever we came across them at sea. But those stories will have to wait. 

Then we landed, what a feeling it was brilliant, Kris seeing his girls Fia and Mila and Blair his Wife Beth.  It was surreal, amazing, happy and a whole range of other emotions. And then we had a can of coke and an orange juice, cold, tasty and refreshing.   After a quick check up and a meal, sitting with Team Oarstruck, who else, we relaxed a bit.  We are now in the villa, chilling talking, laughing and looking forward to a good sleep.  We will do a live Facebook tomorrow at some point.

Thank you all for watching, supporting and helping us raise awareness for the Firefighters Charity. Thanks Plumbase, Go Outdoors, Physio Focus, FES, FireStyle magazine, Highland Spring, Safequip, Ogilvie Group, Scientific drilling, Farmers Autocare and RMD in Alloa. There are many more and we will thank all over the next few days. 

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