Week Five Update

Update No.5 (From 1st January 2018 Onwards)

Happy New Year Everyone and we hope you had a good one.  Ours was quiet, cold but nice.  We have to layer up and put waterproofs on as the temperature drops a bit and the waves have a tendency to hit you.  New Years day was quite nice, the weather was good which was handy as our auto helm broke and we had to fix it.  A handy piece of equipment as it keeps us on the straight and narrow, so to speak.  Hunger is still a problem and we are always starving.  Blair has lost a lot of weight so far, he needs to get stuck into rehydrated curry, mmmmmmm. (we think he's suffering from burger deprivation)

Well, we spoke too soon there as the weather has changed. We are getting 4 metre waves crashing over the cabin, everything is soaked and it makes for an uncomfortable ride at night.  We know how a fish feels. A fish also knows how Kris feels as one flew out of the sea and hit him in the face, we're not sure who got the biggest fright but oh how we laughed!! especially Blair!  We will now need to get dried out as our blisters are not getting a chance to dry and repair.  A spot of naked rowing is required to try and dry out.  We'll also do a bit of ship husbandry and re-stow items that the sea conditions moved. So far Blair is feeling cheery and Kris happy, though hands and other parts of the anatomy are blistered and sore.  We have reached speeds of 2.6 knots, all heading in the correct direction and we have made lots of good ground, about 56 nm every 24 hours.  We have been asked what our daily routine is so we have sent this text to tell you.

Can Use 1.jpeg

"Daily Life. We row for 1 hour then rest for 1 hour during the day, alternately, until night time.  At 1am Kris starts his 4 hour row and Blair sleeps.  At 5am Blair takes over rowing and Kris sleeps, at 9am the daytime shift starts again.  It's too hot to sleep in the cabin so we rest on deck, but get soaked at least once per hour by waves.  Salt water is not our friend and our skin chafes and blisters.  We pump out the bilge after every shift and make water every 3 days.  Charts are updated every 2nd day.  Solar panels are cleaned with fresh water 2-3 times a day.  We eat as and when we are hungry except the evening meal which we eat together before sundown and then we sing a hymn which we are learning, "Eternal Father Strong to Save" (Mariners amongst you will know that as the Sailors Hymn).  Then into the night, we turn the GPS off and navigate by the stars, Ursa Major and the North Star, this is something our Grandad would have done navigating across the Atlantic years ago.  And while doing this we avoid flying fish which are like trout with wings.  Night finishes then we repeat. 

We realise we are very lucky to be able to do this row and we are very grateful to our sponsors and everyone who helped.  We do hope our main aim of raising awareness for the Firefighters Charity is working.  If you have time check out their website www.firefighterscharity.org.uk and see what they do.  Thank you once again Team Noble.