Week 6 Update

Update No 6 (from 8th January 2018 Onwards)

Well, we seem to be having problems with sending messages back home.  Some are received and some disappear into the Ocean.  It’s actually quite difficult to send messages as some days we are just kept busy, cleaning, maintaining and at the moment trying to fix our lights which have all gone off.  At the time of sending this message they were still off.  What we have realised is that although you know communications with the UK is important, you don’t realise how much it actually is.  For any future Rowers, ensure your communications are good, cheap as possible to send messages and phone calls, and tested before leaving the UK.  Our original phone became defective three days before we set off and with this new phone we didn’t really get a chance to familiarise ourselves.  Apparently sending e mails is more efficient than sending texts. 

So, the wind and waves have all been in our favour, high winds and big seas 2-3m constantly with the odd 4m one coming in, the sea is quite choppy at the moment.  We have had a bit of rain and it has been a bit overcast which makes charging the battery a bit slower.  Therefore we have to be careful what electric we use, so still navigating by the stars at night.  Generally, apart from the lights, everything is going well. We’ve been having a great laugh talking about when we were young and what we did, holidays visiting family and stuff like that. We spotted a ship in the distance and called her up on the VHF radio, spoke to whoever was on the bridge telling them what we were up to and they departed wishing us luck as they disappeared over the horizon.  As the water was fairly calm we went for a swim, tethered on, of course, and cleaned the bottom of the boat (it looks better than ours at the moment). The boat looks huge when you’re in the water looking at it at sea level!!  A bird decided to follow us just as we caught a Dorado fish, which we made a nice meal out of.  At the moment it is really hot, we’ve just spoken to home and told them we’re going slow in order to maintain some energy, really hot.  

Everything is still good for us, we are missing our wives and Kris is missing his two little girls.  Obviously we are at the point when you hear of Teams arriving in Antigua and we still have about three weeks to go and spirits can drop a bit.  However, it is great news to hear about the Four Oarsmen, Team Antigua, Swiss Mocean and Row 4 Cancer.  That must have been a brilliant feeling and congratulations to all of them, our turn soon.  With the wind and waves helping us big style we could get in a lot sooner than we originally thought , “wind and tide waits for no man”.

We did receive this observation though which was good to hear.

A quote from the Duty Officers with Atlantic Campaigns  Day21

“Team Noble are 1700 miles from the end. Every conversation with them is calm and relaxed. They clearly have a steady routine and are looking after the boat, each other and themselves. They are picking up speed and have no significant issues”.

(We now have 1083 nm to go).

That’s about all, we still have a bird following us, probably laughing at the fact that our meals are a bit predictable, curry, curry or curry!  Thank you all for following our progress and a big shout out to our Wall of Heroes and our sponsors

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